Meet the Team

Hi, I'm Christina Roberts

My contemplative journey began as a child growing up in the Greek Orthodox Church and has continued over the past 25 years as spiritual director/coach, pastor and mentor.

I am particularly drawn to helping people who are new to contemplative practices as well as people seeking more depth in their spiritual journey.

I am an oblate at Holy Wisdom Monastery, co-founder of Foundry414 Church, wife to Chris and mom to 3 kids.

Hi, I'm
Chris Roberts

I began exploring contemplative spirituality during a challenging season facing infertility and the death of my father-in-law. Since then I have been on a slow journey discovering spirituality outside the walls of church (which is no small task for a pastor).

This journey led me to pursue spiritual direction certification at the Franciscan Spirituality Center.

I am particularly drawn to apophatic prayer models & the importance of music/art/nature to engage with God.

I meet with people for 1-on-1 spiritual direction/companionship as well as facilitate contemplative retreats .

Hi, I'm Kristina Kaiser

The contemplative practices have become ever-valuable to me, both as a leader and as a parent. I've discovered that, even though I'm a a fast-paced individual, the invitation to slow down for a moment has been the fastest way for me to find connection in my life.

I am the founding pastor of The River, a board member of Blue Ocean Faith, and a mom to 4 kids.